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Team-building and corporate retreats your staff will love

Plan your own event or let us plan the perfect retreat for you. We also offer all-inclusive Corporate Retreats (a single price that includes exclusive use of the facility, all food and beverage and a facilitator) with creative team-building activities, and even the option to add a round of golf to your day.

Our meeting rooms can accommodate groups from 15 to 120 people. We can accommodate larger groups for outdoor events. We also offer off-site catering services as far south as Morrisburg and north into the Ottawa area.

Go beyond the usual with mini sessions on any of the following:

Cake and Cupcake Decorating

Work with our highly skilled Pastry Chef and enjoy learning how to do use fondant and/or buttercream icing to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Designs can be themed to suit your needs or just randomly selected as a team building activity.

Chocolate Creations — Chocolate Baking Class

Work with our Pastry Chef to make several chocolate goodies. Everyone will go home with a box of homemade chocolates including Chocolate Marshmallow Skewers, Nutty Clusters and Chocolate Dipped Pretzels.

The Art of Mukimono

Mukimono (剥き物) is the traditional Japanese art of decorative garnishing. Examples of this include carving traditional images into skins of fruit and vegetables, as well as carving vegetables (such as daikon, carrot, eggplant) into attractive shapes such as flowers, twists, and fan shapes. These are commonly served as a garnish on the same plate as the meal, or on a small side plate. Participants will work with our Executive Chef to learn how to do simple fruit and vegetable carvings.

Knife Skills

Join our Chef and learn the proper way to hold and use a knife in the kitchen. Participants will learn some basic knife skills and a few kitchen tricks followed by some practice time.

Sushi Making Class

Discover the art of making Maki Sushi. In this mini session, you will learn how to make authentic sushi rice (SHARI), explore what types of ingredients can go into sushi as well as learn and practice some different rolling techniques, including inside out rolls and dragon rolls.

Cooking Class

With dozens of cooking classes under our belt, participants will enjoy an interactive day where guests make their own meal and later sit down to enjoy it.


Winchelsea Events is lucky enough to work with a seasoned Yoga Instructor who can offer classes tailored to the needs and level of the group.   Participants may bring their own mats or use the ones provided onsite.

Cindy Laneville Stained Glass

Local Stained Glass Artist, Cindy Laneville, will guide participants through the basics of how to handle stained glass, cut safely and how to achieve shapes; designing your piece will also be covered in the session. Participants will learn how to grout and be able to take their projects home. Some project examples include personally designed picture frames and small bowls.


Work with a local artist and learn all about acrylics and go home with a small creation of your own.


With Cloverdale Links Golf Course directly across the road, our guests can enjoy spending the morning in session here at Winchelsea Events and the afternoon on the greens. Special pricing is offered to our clients.

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